The Only Cable-less Window Tint Meter on the Market.

Introducing the TransLock LTM3…..

  • Cable-less – No more cumbersome Cables or expensive cable repairs.
  • High Visibility “Super Twist” Liquid Crystal Display (2 lines, 16 characters)
  • Memory – Holds multiple readings.
  • 12 Month Warranty – Comes fully calibrated and ready to use.
  • No Annual Calibration – Includes Test Sample Glass to check accuracy.
  • Free Loan Units – Available to customers on TransLocks ‘Priority Customer Plan’ (contact TransLock for more info)
  • Next Day Delivery – Available to most Metropolitan Areas.

We at TransLock have used the last 16 years to develop a unit that is the next step in automotive monitoring equipment, representing the latest in electronic and mechanical technologies, that is modular and highly adaptable.

Using our strong Research, Development and Service backgrounds we have designed the TransLock LTM3 to incorporate the latest tried and proven technology to give you the ultimate Light Transmittance Meter at an extremely affordable price.

We also understand the harsh environment of the workshop and all our products are robust whilst remaining lightweight and visually appealing.

We pride ourselves on having a reputation as the company with the best customer service in the business….

Minimal down time is guaranteed!

Downloadable Documents Can Be Found In BLUE Below…

Approved Testing Equipment for Authorised Inspection Stations & Licenced Vehicle Testers…. The TransLock Window Tint Meter Not Only Meets Government Requirements But Exceeds them….

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