Trans Lock Industries Pty Ltd (TransLock) has been developing unique solutions within the electronics and mechanical industry since the late 1980s. Due to the Managing Directors extensive background within the automotive and racing industries, TransLock found most of its initial applications amongst these groups. Like all successful entities, we are always adapting and broadening our market without forgetting what we have learnt and where we came from. This unique adaptation has seen TransLock develop items for the monitoring and regulation of industrial machinery, food processing, anti-theft devices, vehicle registration, weights and measures, plus some of the fastest and quickest land vehicles in the world.

An interesting point to note about TransLock: we have been specialising in G-force sensing since before our inception and it is the dynamic nature of the applications that we have been able to use these G-force sensors in, that has been a proud and prosperous part of TransLock. Making TransLock one of the longest specialising companies within Australia utilising G-force sensing technologies.

Some of the areas TransLock have worked are outlined below.

  • Engine management and data logging systems for some of the fastest drag racing vehicles in the country and world:
    • Jim Reed's Winfield Top Fuel dragster;
    • Joe Polito's Ford Probe Pro Stock;
    • Tony DeLuttis's Tickled Pink Hydro Drag Boat.
    All these people have held national and some international records within their field.
  • Automatic Transmission Immobilisation Device that:
    • was commended by Ford and other bodies for its ingenuity and design being ahead of its time;
    • utilises unique code-breaking suppressions plus fuel and electronic immobilisation, an all-round intelligent anti-theft device.
  • Design of a unique two-speed transmission system for the drag boat industry.
    • Countless national championships were won using this system.
  • Brake Testing and Window Tint Testing devices.
    • Used for the registration and safety inspection of motor vehicles.
  • Go-Kart data logging system.
    • Was used and recommended by several national champions.
  • Exhaust Emission Tester for motor vehicles.
    • Will soon find applications in industrial gas emissions testing of pollutants.
  • Sound Level testing for the automotive industry.
    • Like so many other of TransLock's designs has multiple applications.
  • Variable Angle Weighing of industrial, commercial and residential waste.
    • Weighs on the truck as it lifts the bins.
    • This weighing system is accompanied by a truck management system and complete costing analysis software for all industries needs.
    • Currently being investigated by the largest waste management companies in the country.
    • Could result in revolutionising the waste industry, resulting in increased knowledge and equity.
  • Waste Collection Tracking System
    • Integrated end-to-end solution that collates real-time data for the complete waste-collection process, recording who, when, where and how much was collected.
    • The information is recorded as the bins are lifted and transmits the data to the web-based central management system.
    • The system enables both the contractor and customer to have real-time access to important business information.
    • Helps councils to achieve government recycle rates.

TransLock also has strong affiliation with its contractors, which ensures we are keep abreast of the latest changes in sensor technology. TransLock also has a strong research and development component that makes ideas turn into reality. They are the solution in complete solutions and always ready for a new challenging project. We are open to new ideas and new experiences, which has not only made us what we are today but even more what we are to become tomorrow.

Together TransLock has the infrastructure to design, develop, manufacture, service and market any ideas within the electronic and or mechanical arenas, from any stage of the materialisation process. We are happy to offer consultant services or just come and chat to us about your ideas. Most companies like to state how 'no job is too big'. Well, we at TransLock do not have a 'size problem' and we would rather state that 'no job is too small'. TransLock can help you conceptualise and modulate any problem into the building blocks of a 'cutting edge' technological project. Our consultancy within the electronic and mechanical arenas is here to offer you 'complete solutions not just answers!' We're here to help make your ideas turn into a workable reality.