Vic Roads Mandatory equipment changes

Posted on Saturday, 11 July 2009
Part of the Government Regulations category

Vic Roads have announced mandatory equipment changes to be complied with by January 2010 that all licensed vehicle testers must use a Brake Test Meter / Decelerometer that allows the results to be printed.

Excerpt from "Vic Roads – Testing Times (Issue 23 – July 2008) Mandatory Equipment Changes “The days of the mechanical brake testers are numbered. The old brake testers such as the Tapley and Bowmonk are to be phased out and replaced by electronic units with a printout facility. The requirement for new licenses to have printout testers will commence from January 2009 and all licences will need to have them from January 2010. The older devices do not provide an audit trail as they rely on your memory and they are also a major safety issue – an unrestricted (very) heavy weight sitting of the floor of the car could do enormous damage to you in a crash.”

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